Rumours have been floating around for a while, but the recent tectonic changes at the Rolex Replica Watches brand over the last few months distracted attention from the work that is going on behind closed doors. It's all now out there. Following the Sigatec silicon balance spring, which is used in over 95% of Swiss Patek Philippe Replica Watches; it's now time for the Institut TAG Heuer carbon balance spring. Guy Semon is the core figure behind TAG Heuer’s R&D efforts. The institute is Guy Semon's playground. He survived the departures of Jean-Claude Biver and Stephane Bianchi's arrival, as well as the installation of Guy Bove, a designer from Chopard, Breitling and briefly Breitling.

Guy Semon continued his tireless work, reimagining key elements of the mechanical movement, such as the transmission, and now the escapement. These components have seen many developments (Mikropendulum and Mikrogirder), but this is the first time TAG Heuer's R&D division has focused its attention on a traditional system, the tourbillon, with the Patek Philippe Replica Watches goal of making drastic improvements to one component, the balance spring.

What is so great about carbon? Let's first address the Patek Philippe Replica major objections. What makes carbon more superior than silicon? Silicon is already a perfect material for watchmakers. It's strong, flexible, anti-magnetic, and resists temperature variations. Why is carbon so much better?

TAG Heuer has already demonstrated several advantages, although only time will tell. It is also resistant to gravity due to its extremely light weight - carbon is lighter than silicon. It cannot be totally immune to gravity (the Earth's gravity affects all things without exception), but TAG Heuer asserts that it is close to being completely invulnerable.

TAG Heuer also notes that the oscillations of carbon are perfectly concentric. Carbon has a very regular structure. These benefits add up to greater precision (the COSC certified the Patek Philippe Replica Watches), but the watchmaker hasn't yet put a figure on it.

Sculptural structureAesthetically, the Carrera Calibre Heuer 02T Tourbillon Nanograph is based on the nanoscopic (= one million times smaller than a millimetre) hexagonal structure of the carbon composite material used to make the balance spring. The titanium case has a carbon bezel. Although it would have been more costly, a carbon case would have been welcomed. It could, however, have been reserved for wealthy collectors or "full carbon" geeks as a limited edition.

The Patek Philippe Replica Watches overall aesthetic is a "honeycomb" or "football" look. Black is the dominant colour and smartly accented by a bright yellow-green. It is easy to read. We might see a complete chromatic flip with a Patek Philippe Replica Watches in bright colours or even transparent cases to show off the black balance spring better. However, this innovation could be rolled out to some of the group's most classic brands, such as Zenith. This might cause aesthetic objections from more conservative collectors, who are used to the traditional metallic glint of hairsprings.

The Patek Philippe Replica Watches will go on sale in April for EUR23,200. It is not yet clear if the series will be limited, or part of a larger collection. However, it will not be numbered.

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